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[DIR] Parent Directory - [XML] argoFloats_iso19115.xml 19-Oct-2017 05:51 97K Argo Float Vertical Profiles [XML] BANTRY_PARTICLES_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 15:07 44K Bantry Bay model particle track analysis [XML] etopo180_iso19115.xml 19-Oct-2017 05:49 49K Topography, ETOPO1, 0.0166667 degrees, Global (longitude -180 to 180), (Ice Sheet Surface) [XML] etopo360_iso19115.xml 19-Oct-2017 05:49 49K Topography, ETOPO1, 0.0166667 degrees, Global (longitude 0 to 360), (Ice Sheet Surface) [XML] galway_obs_fluorometer_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 06:20 51K Galway Bay Observatory Fluorometer Data [XML] GFS-WeatherTimeSeries_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 09:06 46K GFS weather forecast at selected locations [XML] IMI-TidePrediction_epa_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 11:35 45K EPA Beaches Model Predicted Tide Level [XML] IMI-TidePrediction_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 10:04 45K MI Tide Prediction [XML] IMI-WaveBuoyForecast_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 12:05 49K MI Wave Forecast at buoy locations [XML] IMI_CONN_2D_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 07:15 46K Irish Marine Institute Connemara Model CONN2D [XML] IMI_CONN_3D_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 06:34 49K Irish Marine Institute Connemara Model CONN3D [XML] IMI_EATL_WAVE_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 15:07 47K East Atlantic SWAN Wave Model [XML] IMI_Model_Stats_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 07:05 53K Model Monthly Means [XML] IMI_NEATL_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 15:07 53K Irish Marine Institute Northeast Atlantic Model [XML] IrishNationalTideGaugeNetwork_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 15:04 49K Irish National Tide Gauge Network [XML] IrishNationalTideGaugeNetworkRiverGauges_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 15:04 47K Irish National Tide Gauge Network River Gauges [XML] IWaveBNetwork30Min_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 15:07 57K Irish Wave Buoys 30 Min [XML] IWaveBNetwork_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 15:06 57K Irish Wave Buoys [XML] IWaveBNetwork_spectral_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 06:20 52K Irish Wave Buoys Spectral Data [XML] IWaveBNetwork_zerocrossing_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 06:20 49K Irish Wave Buoys Zero crossing Data [XML] IWBNetwork_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 15:04 55K Irish Weather Buoy Network [XML] mestech_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 06:20 55K MESTECH Multiparameter Sonde data [XML] miIbts_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 06:20 49K IBTS Trawl Surveys [XML] spiddal_obs_ctd_iso19115.xml 23-Oct-2017 06:20 48K Galway Bay Observatory CTD data
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